Live Media Entertainments

"Live Media" is a multimedia production studio based in Kerala/INDIA with more than 9 years of experience. It is one of the leading studios of Kerala specialized for live event coverages& Broadcasting."Live crew" provides you the perfect prospect to share your event live with everyone who matters. Reach out to everyone on your list and help them ‘experience the moment’ with ‘you,’ no matter where they are. Defying geographical constraints has never been easier!

LiveMobiCast™ (Live Webcasting Service)

LiveMobiCast™ has developed exceptional expertise in producing live events over the Internet. Our custom- built Outdoor Broadcast Studio allow for on-location, plug-and-play flexibility and total reliability. Our Infrastructure provides redundancy at each core level –encoder and network.With us, each customized Webcast is personally supervised to ensure flawless execution.Stream your events live with us and make things happen.